from Cupcakes to Pink Pole Dancing!

Pink Pole Dancing Poles

The theme can start on the hen night and finish on the honeymoon – so why not use a pink pole dancing pole?

And the pink pole dancing pole is great because not only does it work as a fully functioning pole it also has the pink colour that means it doesn’t take itself too seriously – and after all the last thing any nervous couple want on their special night is to be made to feel nervous and “on show” by adding a hint of pink then the whole thing can be brought down to much more human levels.

It is not about the sleaze it is about the tease – or at least that is how we view it over here a Brown and Pink!

It is also notable that the pink peekaboo pole is not going to tear a hole in your pocket – unlike its rivals over at X-Pole – where the quality is there but it comes with a price tag to match!

Keep it fun – and after you’ve done that it should get serious all on its own with only minor assistance required from the pole dancer (that’s you!!!)

The guide Brown and Pink is compiling will have every thing that you need to get spinning from the tentative steps to the boudoirs hotel and on further still to the fantasy land that you will create together.

Many couples have gotten back to us to tell us how much they got from the whole journey that they embarked upon together – riding their pink pole like two lovers on a tandem bike – spinning along in perfect harmony!