from Cupcakes to Pink Pole Dancing!

pink pole

Forget the brown, get into the pink! might have the selection but do you have the nerve? Does the pefect brown and pink wedding need everythig to be co-ordinated? Well we at BrownandPink certainly think so – although perhaps that is overkill?

Actually the jury is stil out o that one but we are certainly all agreed here in the office about the need for the pink pole dancing poles – even if it is just for a bit of a giggle on the hen night?

To inspire you all we have found this video of Pink pole dancing – as opposed to a pink pole dancing pole – but I am sure that you appreciate the sentiment anyway! As can be seen form the video – she quite clearly cannot actually dance but what he can do is strut, so perhaps the strutting is more what is needed than the dancing – after ll it will certainly take much less skill and will not leave you falling flat on your face – like might happen if you go for a spin and loose the grip a little bit. Anyone can strut and behave like a stripper – even if they are sober – although a bit of lubrication will always help. The top-tip from us at brownandpink is very much that you need to wear a hat – that is all it takes to get up your confidence. after that then it is all very much up to you what happens – but just that little bit of a brim to hide underneath will give you more confidence than you ever thought was possible – remember there is a bit of a pole dance in everyone of us – we mainly just do not realise that there is an x-pole hiding deep within out souls waiting to become the high-steppin’ stripper when the moment is right.