from Cupcakes to Pink Pole Dancing!

The Other Pink Pole?

I was interested in finding some really nice giftwrap in chocolate brown with pink polka dots and have been having a really hard time trying to find some that looked really elegant.

I went to local card stores, department stores, and specialty paper stores. I’m telling ya, its tough to find!

But, I recently came across a website that has gorgeous giftwrap in a rich chocolate brown with just-the-right-color pink polka dots! I’m so excited!!Certainly not one to be opened in pubic – but certainly a worthy pink wedding gift! Yep the pink pole that wobbles – and that means the rabbit – although not the dancing rabbit in the picture, that’s entirely different.


Although to note – this might be on the pink and brown theme but it would be a rubbish gift if it was not in brown!


If you are still unsure what we’re talking about as a pink pole wedding gift for the new couple to plat peekaboo with the let me remind you with this video!