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X-Pole Ebay

You may well be thinking that beyond pinks poles are the x-poles and they cost a little but more – so the tempation is there to see if you could save a bit of money on this one!

The first place that you are likely to start is going to be ebay the one stop shop for everything second-hand or cheap… well here are some questions to ask before you search for a second hand pole on ebay

x pole ebay

x pole ebay

  1. How Old is the pole – because just like everything else, an x-pole can fade with use – they are made to last – but not to last forever!
  2. Does the x-pole have the new x-joints? If it doesn’t then you are probably best to avoid – for one thing it could be over 5 years old, and these tended to jam ¬†which was not a problem if they were separated correct – but if they were forced apart then this would tend to make them jam even more easily in the future – this is not something that would be able to see with the naked eye – but once yo have used it and found it stocks – there is nothing much you can do about it!
  3. what is the surface like? If the surface was ever cleaned with an abrasive cleaner then the damage will be permanent – one way that this can be hidden with a damaged pole would be to put polish over the damage – be warned this will only make it worse.

So, there you have it – brown and pink loves the pink pole – but will also use accept that other pole dancing poles are available and the x-pole may well be the best of those – and ebay might well be the place where you’d go in order to find it!