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X-Pole Hen Nights?

x-pole hen night

x-pole hen night

You might think that the idea of getting an x-pole and hiring a few pole dancers is for the men at the stag-do, but when you’re organizing a brown and pink wedding, then perhaps you need to think again. Girls lie it after a few drinks, just like the boys do.

Here at brown and pink – we’d suggest hiring some professionals from a company such as Seven Veils to put on a show and teach you a few moves. Some companies will also provide some burlesque costumes for a bit of fun and dress-up pole dancing.

It is of course possible just to rent/buy and x-pole to use for the night – but some rental companies will have several poles so you can each have a turn before the big show.

We’d say that you are really looking for portable poles. Yes, it is possible to go to a gym for a groups class but it is always going to be exactly what it is… a gym! How much more fun would it be to go to a nice plush, comfortable in the back of a pub… so much better than the sterile and mirrors. We have found that some pubs will still think of the sleaze association between pole dancing and strippers – so make sure you ask first and tell them that burlesque is really about fun – and of course you’re going to be an all girls group which has to be a bit easier to sell!